InDesign Interactive Features (basic trials)

I had a play with InDesign to see the extent of its interactive features in Adobe CS6. Below I tested ‘object states’ creating buttons (arrows) which can lead from one object to another – sort of like a slideshow of images. (Only the last image in the object state can be seen in the screen shot below).


After that I trialled the animation options to see what could be done. I saw there was an option to draw a frame and import an .swf from Flash, however there were also ways of designing animation within InDesign itself. This could potentially be a nice shortcut for me.

I created a full page of Felix’s and trialled different pre-set animation techniques on each one (e.g. fade out/in, rotate, bounce, travel horizontally etc.) They all worked quite well, although were a bit limited as you couldn’t control the easing in and out much.



I didn’t trial all the other features (buttons etc.) but have watched tutorials and done some basic research to see their functionality. The question will be is the animation within InDesign enough for what I’m going to be doing or will it be worth creating animations in Flash and importing them into InDesign?


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