Notes on Interactivity

“Interactivity: a cyclic process in which two actors alternately listen, think, and speak.”  (Crawford, p. 5)

The difference between interaction and reaction – interaction must run two ways, not one. Both actors must perform all three of the above actions well for interaction to be really successful. Form and function need to intertwine from the beginning of the project, as interactivity can’t be achieved by applying it at the end.

Book design can’t always considered to be interactive – the author can’t hear you. What if the author could? What if your choices in the app could result in change? What if you can add to the story and the creator can animate the scene?

Crawford, C. (2003) “The Art of Interactive Design”, Publishers Group West, Berkeley CA, USA retrieved from on 6.3.2013

Mod, C. (2010), “Books in the Age of the iPad”, retrieved from on 6.3.2013


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