Research objectives

Prompting questions:

Can technology be used to engage kids in the real world?

Does the use of stimulating imagery, movement and sound desensitise kids to the creative opportunities around them?


Create an interactive pop-up storybook allowing kids to follow a character who shows them fun tactile activities based on everyday objects from around the home. The story can pause and give kids the opportunity to try these activities themselves, photograph them, and add them into the story (much like a drag-and-drop online scrapbook). All instructions are written into the story so children know what equipment they need and what they need to do step by step. They can pause, and go back if they need to see the step again.

Possible activities to incorporate:

–       I-spy

–       making a fort

–       cardboard box animals

–       flax woven mats

–       paper snowflakes and people

–       shadow puppets theatre

–       cardboard kaleidoscope

–       potato prints

–       planting plants

Preliminary research: define objectives more clearly

  • Statistics on industry
  • Statistics on target group
  • Previous similar examples/competition
  • Prepare questionnaire and survey target groups

Use specific case studies to bring writing to life.

What are audience trends? What do people enjoy? What do people want? What can I offer to e-books that are a new experience or approach?


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