Aesthetic and technical considerations


Considering the idea of animating a piece of paper being folded into an origami bird which is then brought into the story (animated so it flies etc.)

Ego, (2011) “Animated and Alive Paper Sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka”, retrieved from on 6.3.2013

Turner, C., Friel, H., Deacon, J, “The Lifecycle of a Drop of Water”, retrieved from on 6.3.2013

Ivey, P., “My Paper Mind”, “Animation Trends: 3-D Papercraft/Cut-Out Animation”, on 6.3.2013

Caliri, J., (2004) “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”, retrieved from on 6.3.2013

Technical Investigations

“12 Principles of Animation in After Effects”, “Digital Tutors”, retrieved from on 6.3. 2013

Axiom Design – Brent Watts Used storyboarding to convey idea for credits. – walk cycles etc. 3D fly through style (shading too)

Video Copilot for After Effects tutorials.

After Effects – import into InDesign?? To investigate.

Apple interface sizes

Screen Dimensions 320 x 480 640 x 960  768 x 10241024 x 768
Launch image 320 x 480 640 x 960 768 x 10041024 x 748
Web clip icon (recommended for web applications and websites) 57 x 57 114 x 114 72 x 72
Document icon (recommended for custom document types) 22 x 29 44 x 58 64 x 64 & 320 x 320

Other inspirational apps

ABC Artmaker App


The Ant and the Grasshopper



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