Animation Testing


I’ve trialled the animation for the school bell just using some rough sketches so I can work out the technical side of things. Everything seems to be going well here. A lot of similarities to flash yet with an interface more along the lines of typical Adobe products.


Preloaders – how to do them (just for fun)

Read up final chapter on adding animate content for smartphones and tablets – showed preview process but not sure if this is the best option for my app.

Edge First Look Preview 6 – final sections

Making a preloader

Preloader (not necessary for ebook but interesting all the same!) Preloader clip art gives animation of object to show app is ‘thinking’. Edge/ Preloader under properties.




Adobe Edge Animate Technical Notes Cont.

Question for investigation

How to make multiple pages for book? how to transition? Do they all need to be separate files until put into DPS App Builder?

Adobe Edge Animate tutorial from “Adobe Edge Animate Essential Training” (continued from previous notes)

Free transform in Edge Animate

Rotating an object

Transform tool – select axis for rotation. Select auto keyframe and auto transition. Move toggle to next section and select degrees for rotation. Can click and drag entire animation to alter total time length.

aha! Edge Animate vs Flash

Have just read on an InDesign blog that because iOS does not work with Flash and InDesign works only with .swf files, if creating an ebook in InDesign using .swf files, the animation will drop out and not work when trying to bring into the DPS App Builder for Apple.

It would appear that Edge Animate is Adobe’s answer to Apple’s issues with Flash. Interesting! At least this defines my future direction – if I’m designing for ipads, Edge Animate it is! (Glad i found this out now!!!)

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Week Class date Workplan Goal by next week
9 8 May Finalise character sketches, set backgrounds, decide on animation method and animate text and walk sequence. Create summary of animation tests, product ready for evaluation, blog up to date, structure presentation. Feedback questionnaire prepared.
10 15 May Research work in progress reportRecord feedback from class members

Finetune text animation.

Input feedback into blogFinetune walk sequence.
11 22 May Introduction of colour and texture to design.Research the introduction of sound and video capabilities. Complete colouring and texturing of one page.Record some sample sound effects.
12 29 May Introduce sound effects to one page.Prep sample page for user testing. Test page on focus groups.Input feedback into blog.

Complete colouring and texturing of second page.

13 5 June Introduce sound effects for second page.Prep second page for testing. Investigation of DPS App builder and Digital Publishing Single Edition. Investigation of multiple platforms for delivery.
14 12 June Import work into DPS App Builder, Digital Publishing Single Edition and/or other relevant platform. User testing and feedback.Finetuning of changes.
15 19 June Finetuning of changes and improvements. Final user testing and changes.Product and research due

All research collated and finalised in blog, All animation experiments collated.

2 pages of product finalised.

16 26 June Collation and submission of research and project. N/A