Designing for iPad 1, 2 and retina options

Another technical hitch to remember is the need to cater for ipad (Generation 1&2) and also the higher res esp – with retina display (Generation 3&4).

This involves creating multiple folios within the files catering to different resolutions and files sizes. If this is not catered for, e.g. a file is created at 1024*768 (the correct sizing for ipads 1&2) and it is read on an ipad 3, the sizing will alter, it will look fuzzy and the quality will generally decrease. If vice versa, creating a 2048*1536 (the correct sizing for ipad 3), it will not read on earlier devices.

It would seem Apple will not accept an app unless both scenarios are catered for. This results in a lot more work. For the sake of this project, I’ll stick with just catering for ipad 1&2, and if continuing on to complete the project, I would work in the necessary alternative folios at a higher resolution and new sizing to cater for ipad 3.



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