Instructions for viewing e-book

1. Download ‘adobe content viewer’ onto iPad from App Store. (Note: tablets needs to be iPad 1 or 2, not retina)

2. Open indesign file on a computer with Adobe CS6 and Digital Publishing Suite
3. Plug iPad into computer with USB cable and open Adobe Content Viewer.
4. With indesign file open on the computer, look for the Folio Overlays panel on the right of the screen. If not there, you’ll find it under the ‘window’ menu at the top.
5. Click ‘preview’ on bottom left corner of Folio Overlay panel and select your iPad from the list. (Note: if no iPad is available for use, you can view on the desktop and use mouse clicks instead of touch)
6. After the file loads it should appear on the iPad and you can use the e-book as it would be read as a final design. Try tap features, pinch to zoom in/out, swipe text etc. To move onto next page swipe right to left. (If this feature has not been sorted out in time for my submission you can swipe bottom to top to move to the next page instead.)
7. If you would like to view my indesign test and trial pages, you can use this same process by opening the other indesign files and previewing. Whenever you press preview on the Folio Overlays panel it will refresh what you see on the iPad.



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