Concluding Notes

Areas I would have liked more time to experiment with include sound: specifically being able to link sounds to animation and edit fade in, fade out and trim sound to the specific length of the animation. I did a little experimentation with some stock sound effects using adobe audition but didn’t have enough time to fully explore this.

Another area I’d like to explore further is interactivity with regards to pop-up balloons or boxes where the reader can enter in an answer or select an option. This would tie in with activities they might have completed or responses to questions that might pop up. There could be a way of changing which page will show up next in relation to their answer, adding an extra dimension of interaction.

I’d also like to investigate the ‘scavenger hunt’ idea of setting the reader a task such as photographing certain objects around the house with their iPad which they could then upload as a way of completing an activity. This could serve as an album/sticker book which they could add to over time.

I still haven’t managed to fully research horizontal versus vertical swipe capabilities or trialled designing for multiple orientations, platforms or renditions for different iPads. I purposefully reduced the scope of my task because of time, however these are all areas which I have partially explored and would have to explore if I were to publish this as an app or e-book with Apple.

As my work currently stands, Apple would not publish this as an App as it lacks sufficient interactivity. They would class this as an e-book rather than selling it through the App Store. If the previously mentioned capabilities were added in, I think Apple would most like consider this sufficient for recognition as an App.

The relative youth of programs such as Adobe Edge Animate and DPS means a lot of research has been necessary to overcome teething problems such as the transparency bug I found when importing my animations. These things are likely to be ironed out in subsequent versions but at the moment, the time involved in addressing these issues as they are discovered is very time consuming and, consequently, expensive. This process has revealed to me the complexity of the undertaking in designing an interactive e-book whether destined for Apple ibooks or the App Store. This would need to be addressed through working in a design team in order to create quicker workflow as having someone who knew coding would definitely speed up the process. As a freelancer, I would not be willing to take on a project like this for a client unless it was more of a traditional e-book (text with illustrations and basic swipe functions). Perhaps as the software gets refined I would be more willing to take this on.

I do hope, nonetheless, to continue developing and fine-tuning the work I have started to complete the e-book as I think it has a lot to offer as a project. The cost of publishing it is a major factor, however, so it would need a lot of time and energy invested in it before submitting it to Apple and paying the Apple Developer fee.

Overall, I feel this project has really stretched me and it’s been very satisfying to combine past areas of knowledge (experience with Adobe InDesign, Ilustrator, Photoshop and Flash) into one project while exploring the capabilities of new programs such as Adobe Edge Animate and Digital Publishing Suite.


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