Visual Inspiration…


“The Itchy Bear” Ebook by Barrowfolk (XYZ Studios)

This ebook is probably the closest I’ve seen to the aesthetic and functionality of what I’m aiming for. The simple white background and expressive illustration really allows the interactivity to shine. The use of zooms, sound effects, touch sensitive movements of the characters is similar to what I’m aiming for. I found the constant sound annoying though – it  was a bit much and sometimes silence or ambient noise is better than lots of music or loud noises.


Linoprints retrieved from Google images

I’m hoping to trial linoprinting to create an edgy look for my work. I’ll then scan it in, trace it in Illustrator and colour in Photoshop.


Ebook page by Angeline Matasari, retrieved from
I liked the simpilicity of the layout in this design and thought the texturing was also quite effective.
“Cutie Monsters” Ebook by Little Phoenix Interactive, retrieved from
While this e-book is aimed at a much younger target audience, once again the simplicity of the layout and interactivity is along similar lines to what I was imagining. I was also considering experimentation with texture similar to this – although perhaps a bit more moody (not as bright a colour palette).
Closing credits, “Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events” retrieved from
Perhaps the most influential for me as far as aesthetics goes, the integration of texture and pattern with simple hand drawn heavily inked illustrations is really appealing. This gives me a lot of ideas for the stages in the story where the colour has gone from the world and gradually the pattern and colour saturation could slowly start creeping in. I think these illustrations are a bit heavy/dark for my target audience but the simplicity of the movement and layering of objects to create depth is really effective in this animation.