Mood, Character and Plot Notes

Some thoughts on mood

Progressive, expressive, warm, innovative, fun, aimed at both genders, casual, energetic, spontaneous, contrasting sound, solitary but also collaborative, familiar with a twist, young, fresh.


Blaze, Uninspired, Lazy, Unmotivated, Dependent, Frustrating, Proud

Transition to…

Lively, Energetic, Creative, Inventive, Open minded, Joyful, Inspired, Humble


Plot points

Boredom and repeated expression of boredom.

World loses colour and life as boredom expressed.

Character realises the drab world that has been created.

Has to search, be proactive and seek out the beauty and wonder in the world to restore it to its creative potential.

Through gradual process of discovery colour, pattern  and sound gradually comes back into the world.

Change of thinking expressed through new ways of seeing – expression of character.