Interactive PDF design for ipads – further notes

To upload to portable device use Google drive, drop box or itunes.

The above discoveries relate to interactive pdfs opened on the ipad using different apps:

iBooks –  hyperlinks work, video and buttons don’t, form fields gone.

Adobe Reader – choose doc mode (top right – single page or continuous)

– Blue highlighting of links but all work, swipe to go back and forward, doesn’t support video (check updated versions), buttons don’t work.

PDF Expert app – slight cropping, links don’t have blue if set in preferences, video works, buttons don’t work.  Page forward and backward buttons work. Form fields will work but will submit whole page (unless single page view).

Trouble shooting issues:

Blown out file sizes

Export to interactive pdf – JPEG Quality – Medium, Resolution 72, Compression (JPEG lossy) Experiment with alternate resolutions as don’t want to compromise quality.

Acrobat – pdf optimiser settings (File/Save As/Optimized PDF. “Audit Space Usage” to see what’s taking up space.)

Form fields Tools/Content/Add or Edit Interactive Object/Select Object – Can limit characters in this field.

Control alignment of text.

“Combo box” (a drop box which allows you to choose for a list or add in custom text) doesn’t allow custom text from InDesign (bug) but can be fixed in Acrobat  – click on it, go Options/allow user to enter custom text.

Can also edit area for links.

Cleaning up unwanted bookmarks etc.

Adding bookmarks

Create in InDesign

Bookmarks under Bookmarks panel

Bookmarks get automatically created when doing a table of contents

Nest by dragging on top of each other.

Export to PDF

Info sourced from “Creating Interactive PDF Magazines” by Mike Rankin.